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The Hubs and I have been married 7 years and together for a total of 16 years. We have been on a lot of dates and we definitely have our favorite go to routine dates we mostly default to. We know what we like and so that's what we usually stick to but you  know, that doesn't leave us a lot of room for trying new experiences. We make it a habit to schedule AT LEAST 1 date a month for the hubs and I to unwind, have fun and reconnect - and when I shared this with a friend she recommend we try out the Date Nite Box service maybe they could help us find something new to do. 

I was a little weary at first- the hubs and I are service snobs and kinda picky- (again, we've been together A LONG TIME and so we know what we like) but honestly, both the Hubs and I have been really busy and stressed lately- I liked the idea of having someone plan the whole thing for us so I said what the heck and decided to give it a whirl. Worse comes to worse, we try something new and we blame someone else for the choice if we don't like it. HAHA. Zero liability dating. I like it. 

I filled out the survey (not too long) with our likes and dislikes and went through the sign up process on line without any issue. Right away I received a confirmation of my Date Nite package choice and was told that a consultant would be in touch with us if necessary to get more information. Within a couple days we received our Date Nite Box in the mail. Our Date Nite Concierge had selected a French cooking class for us at Sur La Table in Newport - huh- The Hubs and I had never been to a cooking class.  Neat.  We received some super neat french themed aprons from Sur La Table as part of our date swag, along with our vouchers, and some other fun stuff to use on our date ;-) 

The date went  off without a hitch- honestly we didn't know what to expect from a cooking class- when I told the Hubs we'd be cooking he kind of raised an eyebrow and gave me a weird look but he conceded to go. WE HAD THE BEST FRIGGIN TIME. WAAAAAAY  more fun than either of us expected it would be. 

Our class was fun, I learned things about cooking I didn't know before (like how to open a pomegranate and how to cut a perfect shallot- also, did you know steaks should go in the oven after being seared in a pan?!?) and ended up having SO MUCH FUN and a great meal. It surprised us how much we enjoyed our cooking class and our date. Honestly, never in a million years would I have  picked a cooking class as a date for The Hubs and I but I'm so glad our Date Nite Box concierge picked it. We had a friggen blast. We would totally do it again. 

The price we paid for the class, the meal, the fun extras in our box and the Sur La Table Swag was well worth the price of our package- we walked out of there feeling like we scored a great deal. I highly recommend this for couples that want to switch it up a bit on their date night.

  • Our Date Nite Box swag

  • Our Date Nite ;)

  • Yum. We made this together ;)

Aline - Irvine


"The Power of Expectation Stand's Regal "

I'm a person that love's to be in charge, the usual what am I going to wear, gum I'm going to chew, weather, what movie were going watch. No body likes to be blind folded but, it's that hidden revelation that leads you to believe in more.  On my date with my girlfriend we found just that, new ways of communicating, shared new laughs, we enjoyed a breath of fresh air in our relationship that tells me every night could be better. Thank you. .. I'm ready for the next date nite box!

Daniel - Los Angeles, CA


OMG! what a great Date I had with my boo.  Compliments of Date Night Box, me and my hunny were able to see Ari Spears at the Improv in Brea. My hunny and I were geeked because we had NO idea what we were doing or where we were going on our date. We were overly excited because neither one of us planned our date. Usually we just go to the movies or to a restaurant but this experience was much better.

Regina - Ontario, CA


I had a great experience, Ladies you will love this! Most men don't have time to plan dates these days... Date Nite Box is a great way to spend time with the special person in your life. My boo and I have been together for 10 years so it gets hard trying to find new things to do. We received a package in the mail from Date Nite Box with dinner reservations, tickets, and more. We went to a elegant restaurant in Beverly Hills, the meal was delicious! While we were waiting for our dinner Date Nite Box provided Table topics cards which was a great way to reconnect. After many laughs and a great meal we went to the Theatre . I Absolutely LOVED this experience!!!

Chyna - Irvine, CA


A friend told me about Date Nite Box so I decided to try it out for my boyfriend and I.  Figured it would be a change of pace for us. The date arrangement was totally perfect!  It was totally us!! We had a 6 course meal at a romantic Italian restaurant with a personalized picture frame of a picture we had taken that evening. We both love to eat and the photo was an awesome bonus! The box also came with edible massage oils and dark chocolates mmmmm!!!!  We both loved loved it and would definitely do it again....I'm thinking scuba diving:)

Jessica - Corona Del Mar, CA


 My experience with Date Nite Box was Awesome. Upon receiving my box, I was overly excited, as I didn't know what I was going to do or where I was going. And to me this was a great feeling. The feeling of the unknown along with anxious anticipation. My man and I equally enjoyed our Date and looking forward to the next one.

McCall - Brea, CA


 Date Nite Box is Great. Date nite is just perfect for guys like myself, you know the one that you can't stop from playing Madden or watching non stop ESPN yes that is me, so I might be a little indecisive when it comes to going out, but I did not have to worry about that this month once a friend turn me onto date nite box I tried it out and it works. This particular box sent me to a nice, elegant restaurant (Culina) & ended the night with a concert (Dru Hill and IMX) we had a great time and she was happy so I was happy.  Date Nite box gets two thumbs up!

Gary - Los Angeles, CA